What if I can no longer attend a session that I booked online?


Please call or email us to reschedule or cancel your reservation at least 48 hours in advance. refunds will be given in the form of a gift card that can be used towards any future event. no credit will be given for no-shows.


Can I bring my own wine, other drinks or snacks to The Creative Canvas?


Yes! We    are a BYOB studio.

Is everything I need to paint or create my project provided for me?


We provide everything you will need to create your masterpiece, including aprons.


Does the studio have an age restriction?

No, all ages are welcome. We are not considered a bar or any other type of age restricted venue. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and appropriate for all ages.


Do you accept tips?


We do appreciate tips for exceptional service. If you had a great time at our studio, please consider tipping your instructor.


If you still have questions, please click here for our contact information.